Hire Me

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My Services Include…

  • Copywriting

  • Content Writing (Website)

  • Ghost Writing

  • Blog/Articles

  • Editing

  • Keynote Speaking

  • One-woman Show (a 7 act performance with NO intermission but HEAPS of musical numbers)

  • Cute Dog Patting/snuggling/kissing/I-wuv-you-ing

My Services DON’T include…

  • Belly Tickling

  • Sexual Favours

  • Butt Stuff

  • Plant Sitting

  • Anything that involves numbers (UNLESS it’s a Musical Theatre number, than YASS I’m your gurl!)

Email me HERE for a personal quote!

Please note: I’m currently not taking on anymore content writing, copywriting or ghost writing clients (unless it’s something fun as heck or you want to pay me HEAPS). I will also say no to writing your blogs if I have to write about installing air-conditioners or something equally as uninteresting. I KNOW, I’m fussy now! How arrogant of me! But still, I really would rather shit out a loaf of bread than have to write about your electrical business etc… (Love you! But, ugh).