Is an Australian Hit Network Podcast starring yours truly (me, I’m yours truly). This podcast is for Mums, dog Mums (NOT cat people, ugh), women, not women, women with willies, men with fannys, men without fannys, NOT children (because- profanity), animals (so long as they don’t speak English), absolutely not my grandparents (because- hardcore Presbyterians) and all of my Mums friends (because I know they’ll be forced to listen). So it’s for a lot of people! Sometimes I talk about Mum Life, sometimes I talk about what it means to be a woman, sometimes I just talk heaps of shit and most importantly I usually talk to people who know HEAPS more about things than I do.

This podcast is fun as fuck and full of swearing and topics that people tend NOT to discuss. It’s also called Please, Ask Mikki because I’m answering the questions that YOU want answered. Do you have a topic you’d like discussed? Email me your question and I promise (mmm, maybe like a 96% promise) that it will be addressed.

This show isn’t about me, it’s about all of us. It’s about a space where people aren’t afraid to be real and are brave enough to say the things that everybody else is too afraid to say.

SO get the fuck involved!

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Love and good juju,

Mikki xx